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Scratchbox - January 18, 2017
Issued: 13:25hrs Tuesday 17th January 2017

Simon: Chilly this afternoon in central and SE areas. Lots of cloud around too, although some sunshine in the southeast and across northeast Scotland.

Issued: 07:07hrs Tuesday 17th January 2017

Simon: A quiet day with plenty of cloud for most. Bits of drizzle on northern hills. Colder to the southeast but milder to the north and west.

Issued: 16:39hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: A touch of frost in the southeast tonight. Cloudier elsewhere with drizzle through the Midlands and northern England. Drier to the west.

Issued: 12:40hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: More drizzle and damp weather over much of England and Wales this afternoon. Mild for most, but it's still in the southeast.

Issued: 07:37hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: Damp and cloudy for much of England today, drier north and west. Chilly far east but milder to the west.

Issued: 07:53hrs Sunday 15th January 2017

John: milder conditions moved into western and central parts of the country during the night as outbreaks of rain spread into most places by this morning. Still cold enough across eastern parts of England for some sleet and wet snow.

Issued: 10:37hrs Saturday 14th January 2017

John: an area of sleety rain has moved through the Cheshire Gap into the Midlands.

Issued: 08:21hrs Saturday 14th January 2017

John: a cold, frosty start to the day with some icy patches. Dry with sunny spells for many but more cloud in the west with showers. Wintry showers to affect the northern hills and later the coasts of East Anglia.

Issued: 14:19hrs Friday 13th January 2017

Simon: Be prepared for a widespread frost tonight, plenty of ice on untreated roads too especially where showers have fallen today. Generally though these mid afternoon temperatures are rather pathetic for such as Arctic airmass!

Issued: 07:09hrs Friday 13th January 2017

Simon: Snow band moving through northern England and now into ales, Midlands & East Anglia, reaching south by late morning, Heavy snow showers Scotland. Severe gales in the east too. A slow improvement through the day.

Issued: 14:26hrs Thursday 12th January 2017

Simon: Tem perature map shows the cold air draining in from the north now. Get set for widespread ice tonight. Further snow showers for many plus rain, sleet and snow in southern England.

Issued: 09:46hrs Thursday 12th January 2017

Simon: Area of rain now passing through southern Ireland, Wales and southwest England. This passing eastwards and turning to sleet on the hills, then snow. Colder air reaching the system later could turn to snow over southeast during the rush hour.

Issued: 06:26hrs Thursday 12th January 2017

Simon: An area of rain and sleet with some hill snow crossing Ireland. Wales and southern England today. Be prepared for rain more readily tuning to sleet and snow, even at low levels this afternoon across southern England; M4 corridor and areas northwest of London especially prone to this. Heavy snow showers in Scotland and northwest England. Fewer showers to the east. Cold in north north with this cold air readily slipping south.

Issued: 18:58hrs Wednesday 11th January 2017

Garry: Heavy snow showers continue across Scotland tonight. Largely dry Eng & Wales overnight. Cold winds.

Issued: 12:27hrs Wednesday 11th January 2017

Garry: Widespread wind gusts 50-60mph+ reported across N Britain. 70-80mph+ over hills. 100mph Scottish mountain tops.

Issued: 08:24hrs Wednesday 11th January 2017

Garry: A windy day - gales in the north. Showers in north-west increasingly wintry.

Issued: 13:36hrs Tuesday 10th January 2017

Garry: Patchy rain and cloudy in the north- west; brighter in central, S & E areas.

Issued: 16:37hrs Monday 09th January 2017

Garry: Chilly tonight, but partly cloudy skies and a breeze should prevent frost for most places.

Issued: 08:54hrs Monday 09th January 2017

Garry: Rain is pushing south-eastwards across Britain through today. Cool and showery in north & west.

Issued: 08:26hrs Sunday 08th January 2017

John: another mild but dull, misty day across much of England and Wales with the odd spot of drizzly rain. More persistent rain spreads into northern Scotland.

Issued: 08:07hrs Saturday 07th January 2017

John: some rain to linger across the south west of England today. A mild, misty and murky kind of day with some denser fog across central Britain.

Issued: 17:25hrs Friday 06th January 2017

Simon: A damp and dreary night to come across southern Wales and southern England but with all the cloud there will be no frost. Drier further north and rather cloudy, some clear spells for eastern Scotland and eastern England. A touch of frost in central and eastern Scotland.

Issued: 11:53hrs Friday 06th January 2017

Simon: AS damp afternoon to come over most of England, Wales and southern Ireland as well as southern Scotland. Fog shrouds the hills in the west as well.

Issued: 07:27hrs Friday 06th January 2017

Simon: Temperatures having been rising overnight as cloud increases. Periods of rain in Ireland moving eastwards through this morning and affecting an area from southern Scotland to the southern Midlands.

Issued: 16:05hrs Thursday 05th January 2017

Simon: Another frost tonight for southeastern England, increasing cloud in north and west keeping temperatures above freezing here.

Issued: 07:48hrs Thursday 05th January 2017

Simon: Plenty of sunshine after this mornings severe frost. A chilly day too. Could increases in the north and west tonight with some rain here so the risk of frost is diminished. However, clearer skies in southern and eastern England means a further frost risk here.

Issued: 12:35hrs Wednesday 04th January 2017

Simon: Getting ready for a cold night tonight as skies clear and winds far light. Frost becomes widespread and severe in places.

Issued: 07:25hrs Wednesday 04th January 2017

Simon: Showers across eastern areas of the UK this morning, drier to the west and in Ireland. Brighter weather arriving from the north through the day. Turning colder as the brighter air arrives too.

Issued: 15:02hrs Tuesday 03th January 2017

Simon: Frost only in central Scotland tonight, too much cloud elsewhere. We're expecting a getting brighter day on Wednesday with colder air arriving again from the north.

Issued: 07:40hrs Tuesday 03th January 2017

Simon: Breezy and milder across Scotland today, a risk of gales in the north with some rain too. Much brighter for the far south of England after a frosty start. Cloud in-between and mostly dry.

Issued: 15:18hrs Monday 02th January 2017

Garry: Clear and frosty tonight for England & Wales. Breezy and more cloud across Scotland.

Issued: 08:58hrs Monday 02th January 2017

Garry: A sunny but chilly day ahead. Just a few showers on coasts exposed to northerly breeze.

Issued: 08:27hrs Sunday 01th January 2017

John: an area of moderate to heavy rain across northern England and Wales will move into the south. Colder to the north with showers for Scotland, these wintry over higher ground.

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