Scratchbox - March 05, 2015
Issued: 15:49hrs Wednesday 04th March 2015

Simon: High pressure is now building and so this evening is likely to be dry for many. Increasing cloud overnight.

Issued: 07:19hrs Wednesday 04th March 2015

Simon: Sunshine for many today. There will be a few showers in western Scotland and northwest England, these affecting the Midlands at times.

Issued: 20:25hrs Tuesday 03th March 2015

Simon: Wintry showers tonight in north and west. A touch of frost by morning for many, and some icy roads.

Issued: 14:33hrs Tuesday 03th March 2015

Simon: Plenty of sunshine for much of England and Wales this afternoon, although a scattering of showers. More persistent rain, sleet and snow snow moving into western Scotland and Ireland, some of this heavy.

Issued: 05:10hrs Tuesday 03th March 2015

Simon: A chilly morning with showers in much of England and Wales, as well as western Scotland and western Ireland.

Issued: 21:11hrs Monday 02th March 2015

Simon: Get set for another chilly and showery one on Tuesday, but we are hopeful of rising temperatures later in the week.

Issued: 12:40hrs Monday 02th March 2015

Simon: Much of England and Wales now dry and breezy but cold this afternoon. Still showers in northern England and far south too. Further heavy showers western Scotland and Ireland.

Issued: 08:10hrs Monday 02th March 2015

Simon: A cool day with more wintry showers and then an icy night ahead.

Issued: 08:09hrs Sunday 01th March 2015

John: a rash of heavy showers are affecting Scotland and parts of Norther Ireland and north west England. This afternoon an area of heavy rain sweeps across England and Wales.

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