Scratchbox - March 27, 2015
Issued: 16:08hrs Thursday 26th March 2015

Simon: Mostly dry tonight with a touch of frost for some, but more rain in Ireland and southwest England on Friday.

Issued: 07:30hrs Thursday 26th March 2015

Simon: Getting brighter from the west today, although it may stay cloudy and damp in Scotland and parts of northeeast England until this afternoon.

Issued: 07:16hrs Wednesday 25th March 2015

Simon: Despite a frosty start for many, today should be fair for many with good spells of sunshine. Rain i Ireland this afternoon, with cloud increasing in the western UK.

Issued: 18:09hrs Tuesday 24th March 2015

Simon: As showers fade this evening and overnight it will be turning cold. A frost will form again for many, and where it has rained today roads will become icy.

Issued: 13:15hrs Tuesday 24th March 2015

Simon: Heavy showers are now developing over much of the UK, if you've not got them yet, you soon will have!

Issued: 06:52hrs Tuesday 24th March 2015

Simon: A chilly morning, there's a frost in places. Then sunshine and showers today, most in the north and west at first, then swinging east through all areas this afternoon.

Issued: 18:08hrs Monday 23th March 2015

Simon: Looks like a touch of frost in places tonight, might be some icy patches too.

Issued: 13:26hrs Monday 23th March 2015

Simon: Some heavy showers into Scotland and Northern Ireland this afternoon as the cold front continues to disintegrate over England and Wales.

Issued: 07:31hrs Monday 23th March 2015

Simon: A cold front passing southeast this morning bringing some showery rain into Scotland and Ireland, this reaching northern England and Wales in the afternoon.

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