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Scratchbox - March 25, 2017
Issued: 08:12hrs Saturday 25th March 2017

John: a chilly start with a touch of frost from the Midlands northward. Any fog patches will clear. Lots of sunshine to come across Britain today.

Issued: 13:00hrs Friday 24th March 2017

Simon: Pleasant sunshine for many this afternoon. More drizzle affects northern Scotland and the southwest of England.

Issued: 07:34hrs Friday 24th March 2017

Simon: Cloud in the far north of Scotland this morning as well as the far south of England. Sunshine in between. It's a mostly dry morning too, although some early rain in the far southwest.

Issued: 14:55hrs Thursday 23th March 2017

Simon: A breezy day across southern England. Mostly dry and feeling cold in the wind, but some rain in southwest England in the coming hours.

Issued: 07:34hrs Thursday 23th March 2017

Simon: Damp this morning with outbreaks of rain and drizzle. It will be getting better through the day as drier weather spreads from the east.

Issued: 13:27hrs Wednesday 22th March 2017

Simon: More rain across southern Scotland and northern England this afternoon and evening with snow on hills. Wet to in the east of Ireland and East Anglia.

Issued: 07:09hrs Wednesday 22th March 2017

Simon: Rain affecting much of England, eastern Wales and southern Scotland this morning, heading north and east. Snow falling over Pennines and Southern Uplands.

Issued: 19:19hrs Tuesday 21th March 2017

Simon: Rain and snow for much of Wales, western and northern England and eastern Ireland tonight. The snow mostly on the hills but there could be some at lower levels for a time in northern England and southern Scotland.

Issued: 11:11hrs Tuesday 21th March 2017

Simon: Heavy showers continue this afternoon in western and southern Scotland, snow on the hills. Further showers in Ireland, Wales and wester England. Cold for all.

Issued: 07:24hrs Tuesday 21th March 2017

Simon: A colder day with heavy showers in the north and west, these falling as snow over high ground but at lower levels to in parts of Scotland. Drier and brighter east and south.

Issued: 17:08hrs Monday 20th March 2017

Simon: A chilly night ahead with a widespread frost over the much the UK and Ireland. Snow showers over northern hills too.

Issued: 06:58hrs Monday 20th March 2017

Simon: Bands of rain passing east this morning. Brighter weather with showers following to the west. Very windy in Scotland with a risk of gusts in excess of 70mph.

Issued: 08:31hrs Sunday 19th March 2017

John: a mild, windy day with an area of heavy rain across southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England to weaken as it drifts south.

Issued: 08:12hrs Saturday 18th March 2017

John: rain in the west will become more persistent and heavy across Scotland. A mild day today with a good deal of cloud and a brisk NW wind.

Issued: 18:07hrs Friday 17th March 2017

Simon: Cloudy overnight for most with outbreaks of rain affecting western hills and coasts. More persistent rain should clear from Scotland, although staying cloudy here with more outbreaks of rain at times.

Issued: 07:10hrs Friday 17th March 2017

Simon: Breezy with periods of rain across northern England, much of Scotland and northern parts of Ireland as well as Wales today. Generally drier in the south and later in the far north of Scotland.

Issued: 15:34hrs Thursday 16th March 2017

Simon: rather cloudy with a band of patchy rain tracking southeast through England and Wales tonight. Clearer skies follow but heavy showers affecting western Scotland and Ireland.

Issued: 06:58hrs Thursday 16th March 2017

Simon: Getting brighter in Northern Ireland and western Scotland this afternoon, although there will be showers. Patchy drizzle in northwest England and west Wales, the na band of showery rain spreading southeast this afternoon. Cloudy for most other areas, mostly dry, although a few sunny spells in the southeast.

Issued: 07:11hrs Wednesday 15th March 2017

Simon: Mild with plenty of cloud around today. The best sunshine across the Midlands and parts of Wales and eastern England. Drizzle in western Scotland.

Issued: 15:04hrs Tuesday 14th March 2017

Simon: Dry for most of us tonight with some drizzle affecting Ireland and western coasts of Wales.

Issued: 08:42hrs Tuesday 14th March 2017

Simon: Showers in Scotland this morning, but the main impact of the weather here will be severe gales in the far north. Mostly dry elsewhere with broken cloud.

Issued: 18:57hrs Monday 13th March 2017

Simon: Patchy rain and drizzle drifting south through Scotland tonight to be across northern England and Northern Ireland by the morning. Dry with broken cloud further south.

Issued: 05:01hrs Monday 13th March 2017

Simon: A fine day to come in southern and eastern England, feeling warm too. A band of cloud slowly sinks south through England and Wales. Turning brighter and less breezy in much of Scotland although some drizzle in the northwest.

Issued: 14:30hrs Sunday 12th March 2017

John: rain now across East Anglia and the south east has turned much lighter while showers are affecting western areas.

Issued: 08:22hrs Sunday 12th March 2017

John: an area of moderate to heavy rain will be slow moving across parts of The Midlands and southern England and will give 10-15mm in places.

Issued: 14:31hrs Saturday 11th March 2017

John: rain now has moved into northern England and is light and patchy across Wales and south west England.

Issued: 08:24hrs Saturday 11th March 2017

John: A foggy morning with low visibilities across Hampshire and The Solent area. Rain is expected across Scotland and then northern England today.

Issued: 12:43hrs Friday 10th March 2017

Garry: Cloudy skies for many this afternoon, although some patches of brightness south & east. Drizzly rain in west & north.

Issued: 08:17hrs Friday 10th March 2017

Garry: Overcast skies for most places this morning. Drizzly rain in the west.

Issued: 07:29hrs Thursday 09th March 2017

Simon: Showers fading from eastern Scotland this morning. Then fair for most with sunny spells, although more cloud in the southwest.

Issued: 16:58hrs Wednesday 08th March 2017

Simon: Showers should continue to ease in Scotland this evening. Some drizzle in the far south but dry for most other areas.

Issued: 11:41hrs Wednesday 08th March 2017

Simon: It's a fine spring day for parts of Northern Ireland and northern England. Cloudier but mild to the south with some rain and drizzle. Heavy showers fading this afternoon in Scotland.

Issued: 07:42hrs Wednesday 08th March 2017

Simon: Cloudy and damp in the south of Ireland, Wales and southern England today and mild as well. A few heavy bursts of rain over the hills of Wales and southwest England, mild too. Drier further north although some heavy showers in northwest Scotland.

Issued: 18:58hrs Tuesday 07th March 2017

Simon: A band of rain passes east tonight with some heavy bursts on the hills. Still murky and drizzly in the south by morning, but it should become drier further north.

Issued: 07:31hrs Tuesday 07th March 2017

Simon: Rain in Ireland and southwest England this morning. This edges eastwards during the day, although many northern and eastern parts of the UK stay dry.

Issued: 11:13hrs Monday 06th March 2017

Simon: Rain edging through Ireland and into western Wales this afternoon, but should be little more than a few spots here. Still some moderate bursts to come across western Ireland and southwest England.

Issued: 07:20hrs Monday 06th March 2017

Simon: heavy rain this morning across southern Ireland and southwest England. This should be easing as the morning progresses. A wet morning in parts of NE England and southern Scotland too although this showery rain turning more patchy.

Issued: 08:06hrs Sunday 05th March 2017

John: a band of rain across Wales, the Midlands and the south east will move into much of England. Brighter to the north with coastal showers. Gusts to 55 mph to affect the coasts of south west England and southern Wales.

Issued: 07:56hrs Saturday 04th March 2017

John: Heavy rain becomes confined to northern Scotland. Showers will affect Wales, south west England and the West Mids.

Issued: 16:19hrs Friday 03th March 2017

Garry: Rain continues to push north this evening. Further bursts may advance across central areas.

Issued: 12:12hrs Friday 03th March 2017

Garry: Rain fading from the south, but showers will follow into the south-west. A wet afternoon for central-northern England, Wales & N Ireland. Much of Scotland dry.

Issued: 08:27hrs Friday 03th March 2017

Garry: Wet across southern Britain this morning. Rain edging north through the day.

Issued: 17:03hrs Thursday 02th March 2017

Garry: Dry tonight in central areas. Rain for N.Ireland & SW Scotland. Rain also reaches southern England later in the night, leading to a wet start to Friday for many.

Issued: 12:31hrs Thursday 02th March 2017

Garry: A bright but cool afternoon for many. Showers mainly affecting western Scotland.

Issued: 08:28hrs Thursday 02th March 2017

Garry: Showers in central & NW areas this morning will tend to fade to leave a dry day for many.

Issued: 15:08hrs Wednesday 01th March 2017

Simon: Rain across Ireland, southern Wales and southern England this evening, further showers to the north.

Issued: 07:53hrs Wednesday 01th March 2017

Simon: Cloud and rain spreads through southern Ireland and into south Wales and southern counties of England today. Showers in northwest Scotland, with further showers over the Borders too.

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