Scratchbox - July 29, 2014
Issued: 08:12hrs Tuesday 29th July 2014

Simon: More cloud around today than recently. A weak front bringing a little light rain to northwest England, Wales and southern Ireland, but this breaking up further as it heads into central and southern England later. Some heavy showers following in northern and western Scotland and windy here too.

Issued: 14:47hrs Monday 28th July 2014

Simon: More showers to come across East Anglia and the southeast this afternoon, but at least they shouldn't be as torrential as this mornings.

Issued: 08:22hrs Monday 28th July 2014

Simon: An improving day for most today. Showers in western areas should fade, although a risk of thundery showers in the southeast is maintained throughout.

Issued: 07:56hrs Sunday 27th July 2014

John: showers are expected to affect much of northern Britain today and look out for a few heavy ones that could develop across Kent later in the afternoon.

Issued: 15:56hrs Saturday 26th July 2014

John: heavy rain now across western Scotland with scattered showers elsewhere.

Issued: 15:55hrs Saturday 26th July 2014

John: 29C the high so far at Bournemouth and the Solent.

Issued: 07:11hrs Saturday 26th July 2014

John: today a band of showers across Northern Ireland will work it's way east across northern Britain where it cools off. The south remains dry and still very warm.

Issued: 18:06hrs Friday 25th July 2014

Garry: Still a scattering of thundery showers to rumble across southern England this evening. Another warm day tomorrow, but rain spreading into the north-west.

Issued: 14:46hrs Friday 25th July 2014

Garry: Thunderstorms moving south-westwards across southern England, affecting Hampshire and West Sussex over the next couple of hours.

Issued: 08:10hrs Friday 25th July 2014

Garry: Another dry, warm and sunny day ahead for most. Again there is low cloud around north-east coasts and the onshore breeze will keep it cooler here. Risk isolated thunderstorms in the south later.

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