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Scratchbox - May 27, 2016
Issued: 07:30hrs Friday 27th May 2016

Simon: A band of patchy rain extends through southeast Ireland, across south Wales and into southern England this morning. It will fade, although it's then the same area which is at risk from torrential thundery showers this afternoon.

Issued: 06:47hrs Thursday 26th May 2016

Simon: A fine morning for southern England and for northwest Scotland, but cloud in between is bringing outbreaks of rain and drizzle, mostly on hills.

Issued: 18:53hrs Wednesday 25th May 2016

Simon: A cloudy night over much of northern England, Scotland and southern Scotland with some outbreaks of drizzle here too.

Issued: 06:58hrs Wednesday 25th May 2016

Simon: becoming damp over northeast England, parts of Norfolk and the NE Midlands this morning, the rain the spreads west this afternoon. Drier and brighter north and south.

Issued: 16:42hrs Tuesday 24th May 2016

Simon: Cloud increases from the east tonight, although some clear skies prevail in more western areas. Get set for a cooler day on Wednesday with some rain in the east.

Issued: 12:19hrs Tuesday 24th May 2016

Simon: Plenty of sunshine this afternoon although some patchy low cloud affecting eastern coasts.

Issued: 07:25hrs Tuesday 24th May 2016

Simon: A fair day ahead, good spells of sunshine although some low cloud on North Sea coasts at times.

Issued: 15:51hrs Monday 23th May 2016

Simon: Showers have developed in the last few hours over Scotland, the Pennines and eastern England as well as Wales and parts of southwest England. Drier elsewhere with some sunny spells. The showers should fade quickly this evening.

Issued: 07:14hrs Monday 23th May 2016

Simon: Some showers i the southeast and southwest this morning, but showers will be forming inland during the day.

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