Scratchbox - August 20, 2014
Issued: 08:02hrs Wednesday 20th August 2014

John: a cold start with temperatures well into single figures for much of the country. Scattered showers still to come today but fewer than yesterday with central and south east England likely to be dry.

Issued: 20:28hrs Tuesday 19th August 2014

Simon: Another cold night ahead as showers fade and skies clear.

Issued: 07:28hrs Tuesday 19th August 2014

Simon: Another cool day. Scattered showers, most in central and northern areas but dry elsewhere with sunny spells.

Issued: 15:44hrs Monday 18th August 2014

Simon: A cool night ahead, although still some showers in central and western areas.

Issued: 07:40hrs Monday 18th August 2014

Simon: Showers this morning, but these fading this afternoon and so becoming dry for many.

Issued: 17:06hrs Sunday 17th August 2014

Simon: It’s a cold afternoon in Scotland, just 5C at Aviemore

Issued: 08:06hrs Sunday 17th August 2014

John: a windy day to come across the country with gusts to 50 mph across Scotland. A band of mainly light rain is pushing south and will clear southern England later this afternoon with some heavy blustery showers in the north.

Issued: 06:50hrs Saturday 16th August 2014

John: Wales along with central and southern parts of England will be dry with the best of the sunshine today while the north will see some rain.

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