Scratchbox - October 26, 2014
Issued: 07:57hrs Saturday 25th October 2014

John: Heavy rain to come for north west Scotland today and here it stays pretty wet over the next couple of days.

Issued: 18:15hrs Friday 24th October 2014

Simon: Strong winds over Scotland on Saturday, severe gales in the northwest.

Issued: 07:44hrs Friday 24th October 2014

Simon: Patchy rain across much of southern and central England and Wales today. Showery bands of rain in western and southern Scotland, and some patchy rain in Ireland too.

Issued: 16:58hrs Thursday 23th October 2014

Garry: Rain will spread east across England & Wales on Friday, clearing from the west through the morning, but may persist into the afternoon in east. Northern Britain better overall, but frequent showers W Scotland.

Issued: 15:04hrs Thursday 23th October 2014

Garry: Some sunshine around this afternoon, but a lot of cloud across the British Isles. Patchy drizzle in the south and west.

Issued: 08:08hrs Thursday 23th October 2014

Garry: Cloudy for most today, drizzle and light rain in the west and south; heavier and most persistent rain in western Scotland. Little rain in eastern Britain.

Issued: 17:07hrs Wednesday 22th October 2014

Simon: Pretty cloudy for much of the country tonight. Some drizzle in the north and west, but also along southern coasts too.

Issued: 07:14hrs Wednesday 22th October 2014

Simon: Rain crossing Scotland today, most of it always in the west. Outbreaks of drizzle in northeast England, some rain in the northwest. Morning rain and drizzle in Ireland, fading this afternoon. Largely dry for much of England and Wales, although some rain in north Wales.

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