Scratchbox - July 22, 2014
Issued: 07:56hrs Tuesday 22th July 2014

John: early mist and low cloud will burn back to coasts with all parts of the country looking very warm and dry today.

Issued: 14:55hrs Monday 21th July 2014

John: 26C the high so far today recorded at the Solent.

Issued: 12:53hrs Monday 21th July 2014

John: current radar is showing a line of showers forming from the Wash to Essex.

Issued: 07:19hrs Monday 21th July 2014

John: apart from an isolated showers across East Anglia and the south east, a dry day to come with cloud breaking to sunnier spells. Still quite warm.

Issued: 15:00hrs Sunday 20th July 2014

John: a line of heavy thunderstorms lies across the extreme eastern parts of East Anglia down to Kent.

Issued: 08:00hrs Sunday 20th July 2014

John: today the focus of the heavy thunderstorms is likely to be across more eastern parts of England and Scotland with the west drier, a bit fresher and sunnier.

Issued: 16:57hrs Saturday 19th July 2014

Garry: Line of severe thunderstorms moving up through the Midlands now heading north.

Issued: 14:15hrs Saturday 19th July 2014

Garry: A mess of heavy rain and thunder across the UK this afternoon. The scope for almost anywhere to catch further heavy bursts during the rest of the day.

Issued: 08:08hrs Saturday 19th July 2014

Garry: Worst thunderstorms currently heading northwards across Wales, plus heavy rain extends into north-west England. Thundery rain moves into Scotland through the middle of today, whilst further thunderstorms will pop up over England and Wales.

Issued: 07:52hrs Friday 18th July 2014

Simon: Thunderstorms tracking north through Ireland, northern England and the eastern Midlands this morning, easing this afternoon.Torrential thunderstorms pushing north into southern areas tonight.

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