Scratchbox - November 26, 2014
Issued: 07:49hrs Wednesday 26th November 2014

Simon: Rain in northern and eastern England this morning. Rather cloudy elsewhere with some spots of drizzle, but I am hopeful of some brighter spells coming through the the far southwest later.

Issued: 17:13hrs Tuesday 25th November 2014

Simon: Get ready for a damp and murky night ahead as rain spreads north.

Issued: 07:51hrs Tuesday 25th November 2014

Simon: It's another cold start in much of southern England and Wales with icy roads and fog patches, Milder to the north where there is more cloud.

Issued: 12:15hrs Monday 24th November 2014

Simon: Sunny spells for much of England, Wales and eastern Scotland this afternoon, but always thicker cloud in the west.

Issued: 08:14hrs Monday 24th November 2014

Simon: It's been a chilly morning, but as the sun rises the day should be a fair one for most of us. Thicker cloud in western Scotland and Ireland bringing some rain later here.

Issued: 22:23hrs Sunday 23th November 2014

Simon: It's becoming a chilly night. Temperatures are falling quickly, and by the minoring frost will be widespread, especially over Wales, southern Ireland, central and southern England. Roads may be icy too.

Issued: 08:21hrs Sunday 23th November 2014

John: tonight could be the coldest night of the season so far with a widespread frost expected across the country.

Issued: 08:20hrs Sunday 23th November 2014

John: at the moment an area of moderate to heavy rain stretches from north east England down through this central parts of England. This whole area will only gradually be pushing eastward clearing the south east not until this evening.

Issued: 08:04hrs Saturday 22th November 2014

John: the current radar picture is indicating some heavy spells of rain across northern Scotland. Much of England and Wales is cloudy with one band of rain stretching from northwest England into Devon and another heavier area from East Anglia down through the southeast.

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