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UK Forecast - March 02, 2012
Rain Clearing East
Potentially Stormy Sunday

Rather windy day to come across the United Kingdom with gales in the northwest of Scotland moderating. A dry, bright morning across East Anglia and the far southeast of England, but otherwise it looks cloudy with outbreaks of rain. Later this morning the rain will be clear to sunshine and showers across Cornwall, Devon and south western parts of Wales along with Northern Ireland. During the course of the afternoon. That area of rain will continue to march towards the east clearing from the west, but as it does so it will be replaced by sunny spells and occasional scattered showers. Most of the showers will be light but a few heavy ones may affect western Scotland and across the Highlands of Scotland, they could turn wintry. Expect maximum temperatures in a range of 9 to 12 Celsius north to south.

Saturday night
Scattered showers will be dotted around western coasts of Britain this evening, otherwise it looks fine and dry with clear spells. During the course of the night outbreaks of rain are expected to sweep up across Northern Ireland, southwest England, Wales and just about into the south western parts of Scotland. This rain will become heavy by morning across the south west as the winds pick up speed. Temperatures generally down to 5 to 7C.

Confidence in the forecast is moderate at the moment. We expect it to turn very windy across the south especially, as outbreaks of heavy rain spread in across all parts of the country through the course of the morning. At the present time there is a risk of gales across Wales, southwest England and the channel with gusts of wind in the south west possible to 60 mph later today. It remains very wet throughout the course of the afternoon with further spells of heavy rain come. This area of rain may persist across England and Wales right to the course of the evening and night. Scotland and Northern Ireland looked turn dry. Expect top temperatures today of 5 to 9 Celsius.

Continued very windy today with gales likely across central and southern parts of England. Northern parts of England will see early rain clearing. The rest of England and Wales looks to stay cloudy and wet with further outbreaks of rain through the morning and much of the afternoon. By evening, most of the rain should have cleared England and Wales and as the winds become lighter, it will turn colder tonight across Scotland and northern parts of England with a slight frost expected. A colder day to come across the country and feeling even colder in those winds with maximum temperatures of 5 to 7 Celsius.

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