UK Forecast - December 27, 2014
Cold and sunny
Staying settled and dry

A cold day to come across the country and a strong north east wind across East Anglia and the south east will be lessening throughout the course of the day. For Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and northern England it's a frosty start with icy patches. Much of the country will have a dry day with long spells of crisp, wintry sunshine. Expect maximum temperatures of 2 to 5 Celsius but feeling colder in that keen wind in the south east.

Sunday night
Increasingly breezy through the evening and the night across England and Wales, especially windy for East Anglia and the south east. It will remain dry with clear spells in the evening as temperatures fall and a frost develops across Scotland and Northern Ireland. This becomes widespread in the north overnight under clear skies. Most of England and Wales should be frost free due to the brisk winds. Lows of 0 to -3 Celsius.

It continues quite breezy across eastern and southern parts of England. This may bring in more cloud to East Anglia and Kent with a few coastal showers. The rest of the country will be staying dry with lots of sunshine on offer. The winds will be fading in the evening and with clear skies, expect a widespread frost to develop across much of the country. Expect top temperatures of 2 to 5 Celsius.

It becomes windier today across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Another dry day is forecast for the United Kingdom with sunny spells after a frosty morning. There may also be a few locally dense patches of freezing fog across central and southern parts of England that may take till afternoon to clear. It stays dry tonight and windy across northern Britain. In the south where the winds remain light, patches of dense freezing fog may develop along with a frost. Expect top temperatures of 3 to 5 Celsius.

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