UK Forecast - August 31, 2015
Cool and breezy
Heavy showers, hail & thunder

Showers will affect coastal areas in the north & west of Britain & Ireland from early morning, spreading inland into the West Midlands, and Highland Scotland. By afternoon, expect showers down the spine of northern Britain, particularly east of the Pennines, extending south into the East Midlands. Risk of hail & thunder. Sunny spells, best toward the south-west. A cool north-westerly breeze will keep temperatures at 14 to 19C, warmest in south.

Tuesday night
Heavy showers will continue into the evening across some areas, particularly eastern Britain, before clearing. Showers becoming confined to coastal districts overnight, particularly around the Irish Sea where they may remain frequent. Breezy around coasts, strongest winds in the north-east. Clear spells developing. Overnight lows 7 to 11C for most, but locally dipping below 5C in sheltered northern valleys.

Low pressure over the North Sea maintains a strong northerly wind across north-eastern Britain. Heavy seas possible along eastern coasts. Cloudy skies for many, but some sunshine, particularly toward the south-west. Risk of heavy showers moving south across the Midlands & Wales, some with hail and thunder. A few well scattered showers across northern Britain & Ireland. Feeling cool at 14 to 18C.

A cool northerly pattern continues. High pressure remains to the west. Many areas dry and bright, with broken cloud and sunny spells, best toward the south-west. Scattered showers toward eastern coasts, where it will feel distinctly cool in the wind. A chilly start for some, and daytime temperatures struggling at 14 to 18C, warmest in the south.


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