Scratchbox - October 09, 2012
Issued: 16:00hrs Tuesday 09th October 2012

Simon: Not a bad afternoon out there, but get ready for Thursday; looks yuk with rain, heavy at times in the north & west

Issued: 07:09hrs Tuesday 09th October 2012

Simon: Some rain in far south today. Brighter and drier to north after a cold start. More cloud in west with drizzle tomorrow.

Issued: 17:48hrs Monday 08th October 2012

Somon: Cold & foggy across central & northern areas tonight, frosty too in north. Cloudier, murky, damper south.

Issued: 07:24hrs Monday 08th October 2012

Simon: A sharp temperature contrast across the UK this morning, -1C in the Scottish borders, 15C in Cornwall. Take a look at the UK temperature map here.

Issued: 07:03hrs Monday 08th October 2012

Simon: Drizzly and damp across the south of the UK today, much sunnier to the north, but some fog in parts of Yorkshire.

Issued: 16:39hrs Sunday 07th October 2012

John: An area of moderate rain has edged into western Cornwall. Lots of sunshine across the rest of Britain.

Issued: 07:51hrs Sunday 07th October 2012

John: A cold morning, especially from the Midlands northward with a frost as temperatures feel to freezing across parts of Scotland and just above across northern England. A few cold spots even in the far south this morning. Some dense fog this morning across The Midlands into East Anglia which will be slow to clear.

Issued: 07:57hrs Saturday 06th October 2012

John: The last of the heavy overnight rain is clearing the far south east and for much of the country it's looking like a fine, dry day. A frost is likely to develop tonight from the Midlands northward.

Issued: 07:27hrs Friday 05th October 2012

Simon: More rain heading into Wales and southern England through this afternoon, drier north, showers in west.

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