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Scratchbox - April 25, 2018
Issued: 21:18hrs Tuesday 24th April 2018

Simon: Rain clears eastern England by midnight. Some showers in the west, heavy in northwest England and southwest Scotland but most places becoming dry.

Issued: 07:11hrs Tuesday 24th April 2018

Simon: Rain spreads east through Wales and central England this morning and afternoon, with further rain in southern Ireland this morning. Heavy showers in western Scotland.

Issued: 12:04hrs Monday 23th April 2018

Simon: Most cloud and patchy rain remaining in western parts of the UK and Ireland this afternoon. Broken cloud elsewhere and bright, but damper this evening in the west.

Issued: 07:23hrs Monday 23th April 2018

Simon: early sunshine in the southeastern parts of the UK. Thicker cloud northern and west with patchy rain in Ireland and western Scotland, all heading east.

Issued: 13:57hrs Sunday 22th April 2018

Garry: Sunny and warm in the south-east. A weakening zone of showery rain is clearing east across Yorks/Lincs. A few showers in the west. Rain more persistent across Scotland.

Issued: 09:18hrs Sunday 22th April 2018

Garry: Rain in the west will advance eastwards through today. Small amounts for central and southern regions. Some sunshine. Feeling fresher for most, but still warm in the far south-east.

Issued: 15:29hrs Saturday 21th April 2018

Garry: Sunshine giving way as cloud thickens and local bursts of rain develop from the south this afternoon and evening.

Issued: 09:22hrs Saturday 21th April 2018

Garry: A sunny morning for many, some areas of cloud. Watch out for thundery bursts of rain developing for Wales and the Midlands this afternoon and running north-east this evening.