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Scratchbox - March 17, 2018
Issued: 10:48hrs Saturday 17th March 2018

Matt: Snow showers continue across many eastern areas of England and Scotland with some longer spells of sleet and snow across some southern counties of England but with plenty of fine weather though across more western areas of the British Isles. Cold and windy for many.

Issued: 07:56hrs Saturday 17th March 2018

Matt: Morning all. A case of 'doing it all over again', to an extent, as the easterly winds continue to usher in the very cold air this morning. Snow showers in evidence across many eastern areas of Scotland and England and these will continue to spread westwards this morning.

Issued: 12:47hrs Friday 16th March 2018

Garry: Amber warnings for snow & ice are in force for Saturday evening and night for central-northern England and the south- east. Accumulations of 5-10cm possible. Beware of travel problems.

Issued: 10:19hrs Friday 16th March 2018

Garry: Areas of rain and hill snow for northern regions. Drier toward the south this morning, but some heavy showers breaking out.

Issued: 07:30hrs Friday 16th March 2018

Simon: A cold weekend ahead with a risk of snow. Eastern and southern areas most at risk. Note we don't expect this to be as severe as a couple of weeks ago, but still bitterly cld with snow for many parts of England, Wales and eastern Scotland.

Issued: 16:30hrs Thursday 15th March 2018

Matt: Wet weather becomes slow moving across parts of the north and east, cold and windy here too. Showers in the south-west continue overnight, but with clearer intervals in-between. Milder further south and west.

Issued: 14:09hrs Thursday 15th March 2018

Matt: Rain continues to be slow-moving across parts of S Scotland, N England and E England. Much milder in the south and west with sunshine and showers, colder in the north. Temperatures recently 14°C in Gloucestershire but just 4°C at Newcastle!

Issued: 11:42hrs Thursday 15th March 2018

Matt: Showery weather dominates across more southern and south-western areas this afternoon, mild here as well, recently 12C in Bournemouth. Colder in the north though with further rain across S Scotland, N England and E England, windy in the north too.

Issued: 07:59hrs Thursday 15th March 2018

Matt: A cold and wet start to Thu across central areas as a band of rain slowly moves northwards across N Ireland, S Scotland, N England, Midlands and E England, windy ahead of this. Drier and brighter weather into the south-west this morning, but showers soon developing.

Issued: 13:44hrs Wednesday 14th March 2018

Simon: Breezy weather for all this afternoon, a risk of gales in the west. It stays wet in Ireland with some outbreaks of rain on western coasts of England and Wales. This rain tracking slowly east overnight.

Issued: 07:02hrs Wednesday 14th March 2018

Simon: A mild and dry day ahead for most. Rain cross Ireland and reaching the western coasts and hills. Breezy for all.

Issued: 16:01hrs Tuesday 13th March 2018

Simon: A pleasant afternoon and evening for many parts of the UK, although thicker cloud and rain is approaching Ireland.

Issued: 09:55hrs Tuesday 13th March 2018

Simon: Focus is still on the return of 'The Beast From the East' this weekend. There is a risk of bitterly cold conditions for a while with snow, especially in England, Scotland and eastern Wales.

Issued: 07:28hrs Tuesday 13th March 2018

Simon: Overnight rain should be clearing southeast England fairly quickly and then most are in for a dry day. Just a few spots of rain on western hills and coasts at first. More rain into west Ireland this evening.