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Scratchbox - January 16, 2018
Issued: 07:45hrs Tuesday 16th January 2018

Simon: A windy day today with gabs in the west and frequent wintry showers. Eastern areas tending to see the best sunshine. Bitterly cold in the wind.

Issued: 12:21hrs Monday 15th January 2018

Simon: Increasingly windy with showers in the north and west this afternoon, turning colder too. Always tending to be drier and brighter in the east.

Issued: 09:25hrs Monday 15th January 2018

Simon: Still watching the threat of severe gale and storm force winds passing eastwards overnight Wednesday and into Thursday.

Issued: 07:29hrs Monday 15th January 2018

Simon: Rain clearing from eastern England this morning with brighter, colder weather following from the west. Showers in western areas too, turning increasingly to sleet and snow over Scotland.

Issued: 15:16hrs Sunday 14th January 2018

Garry: Most places are very dull this afternoon. Heavy rain is spreading into the north-west.

Issued: 09:09hrs Sunday 14th January 2018

Garry: Another generally dull day, but for many places it stays dry with little wind. However, in the far north-west, winds will strengthen to gale force later and rain will develop here.

Issued: 12:48hrs Saturday 13th January 2018

Garry: Outbreaks of rain in western Britain. A lot of cloud. Temperatures near average at 4 to 7C.

Issued: 09:08hrs Saturday 13th January 2018

Garry: Overcast skies for many, largely dry, but some rain in the west & south-west.

Issued: 14:44hrs Friday 12th January 2018

Matt: Mainly dry, misty and in places foggy weather returns this evening and overnight across parts of England and Wales and up into Scotland. Wetter weather will develop though across Ireland tonight. Chilly, especially more rurally.

Issued: 11:50hrs Friday 12th January 2018

Matt: Some cloud breaks for S Scotland, NW England, Wales and E Anglia, otherwise lot of low cloud and misty conditions in places too continues. Temperatures around average, so feeling rather chilly into the afternoon.

Issued: 08:05hrs Friday 12th January 2018

Matt: It's a misty and murky start once again with some fog patches in place, something to be aware of this morning when travelling. Not a great deal changes through the morning, a lot of dry weather, some brighter intervals, but often cloudy for most. Chilly.

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