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Scratchbox - October 22, 2017
Issued: 08:05hrs Sunday 22th October 2017

John: the current radar shows a band of heavy rain across north west England into western Scotland. This weakens through the day.

Issued: 17:51hrs Saturday 21th October 2017

Simon: Today's peak gust map from Storm Brian makes for interesting viewing!

Issued: 14:44hrs Saturday 21th October 2017

Matt: Wet and very windy weather continues to move eastwards this evening and overnight, but with some particularly inclement conditions across parts of N Ireland, S Scotland, NW England and Wales where very strong winds and heavy rain are expected through the rest of the day.

Issued: 11:44hrs Saturday 21th October 2017

Matt: Wet and windy weather continues to spread eastwards, a recent gust of 69mph at Mumbles in south Wales. The low pressure is now moving across the Irish Sea with increasingly inclement conditions arriving across NW England soon.

Issued: 07:58hrs Saturday 21th October 2017

John: a very windy, blustery day as Storm Brian weakens and moves into Scotland and into the North Sea tomorrow. Expect heavy showers and some sunshine. These merging into longer spells of rain in the north. Strong winds to affect Wales and the southern half of England with gusts of 40-50 mph inland and 55-65 mph around exposed south western and southern coasts.

Issued: 18:45hrs Friday 20th October 2017

Garry: Heavy rain now sweeping across the south-west, Wales & Northern Ireland, then advancing quickly north-eastwards to all parts tonight.

Issued: 13:32hrs Friday 20th October 2017

Garry: Still some residual drizzly rain for eastern England this afternoon, but it's dry for most. Some sunshine. Heavy rain spreads across Ireland, then into Wales & south-west England later.

Issued: 08:20hrs Friday 20th October 2017

Garry: Bits of showery rain left from overnight rain this morning, will tend to fade away, leaving brightening skies for many.

Issued: 14:46hrs Thursday 19th October 2017

Garry: A swathe of heavy rain affects central-western England and east Wales, moving northwards, whilst further heavy pulses move into the south-west.

Issued: 08:17hrs Thursday 19th October 2017

Garry: A murky picture for many today, drizzly and damp, and some heavier rain moving slowly north across central England.

Issued: 15:28hrs Wednesday 18th October 2017

Simon: No change in the forecast for Saturday with gusts of 70mph expected across Ireland, Wales, central and southern England. Expect an 'official' warning soon.

Issued: 12:31hrs Wednesday 18th October 2017

Matt: Best of the weather continues to be across N England and parts of S Scotland so far today; Mainly dry here with some sunshine. Cloudy and damp weather is moving north though, some locally heavy rain recently around the Home Counties too.

Issued: 10:05hrs Wednesday 18th October 2017

Simon: Plenty of discussion about potential for Saturdays low pressure system to be named #StormBrian . Certainly looks a likely candidate!

Issued: 07:27hrs Wednesday 18th October 2017

Simon: Some rain across southeast and southern England this morning, drizzle in eastern Scotland. Cloudier for most other areas but dry overall.

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