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Scratchbox - October 04, 2012
Issued: 07:51hrs Thursday 04th October 2012

John: A rather chilly start this morning with some patchy frost in the north. Much of the country will have a fine, dry and mostly sunny day until heavy rain in the south west this evening spreads across England and Wales overnight.

Issued: 16:36hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: A band of showers with torrential rain is now crossing northern England.

Issued: 13:18hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: An area of heavy rain is moving through the channel, just skirting the south coasts. Thursday evening and night is still looking pretty wet in the south.

Issued: 08:39hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: Lots of heavy showers to come across northern and western areas today and these will be heavy. Heavy rain and gales likely to affect the south Friday.

Issued: 06:30hrs Tuesday 02th October 2012

Simon: Hefty bursts of rain to come for Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland this afternoon. There could be some hefty bursts on southern coasts too.

Issued: 06:30hrs Tuesday 02th October 2012

Simon: Lines of showers, mainly in the west over next few hours, some on south coasts too; a few appearing heavy on the Weatheronline radar .

Issued: 07:21hrs Monday 01th October 2012

Simon: A wet start for East Anglia and the southeast this morning, rain not clearing Kent until 3pm. Sunshine and showers to the north, but longer rain affecting central Scotland.

Issued: 12:36hrs Sunday 30th September 2012

Simon: Rain now more organised at it heads through northern England and into Wales, heavy bursts on western slopes, clearly seen on radar.

Issued: 07:57hrs Sunday 30th September 2012

Simon: A fragmented area of rain is moving south today. It's affecting northern England, Ireland and Scotland right now, but much brighter weather is following into northwest Scotland. The south of the UK starts the day drier for most, but rain edging into central areas this afternoon. Some drizzle throughout in Wales.

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