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Scratchbox - October 25, 2016
Issued: 17:56hrs Tuesday 25th October 2016

Simon: A dry night ahead for most, frost free overall too but watch for some fog patches in the east and south.

Issued: 12:27hrs Tuesday 25th October 2016

Simon: Its a fine day across most of northern England and Scotland, but cloudier over southern and central England, Wales and much of Ireland.

Issued: 07:39hrs Tuesday 25th October 2016

Simon: After a frost in central and northern Scotland last night, that's where the best of the sunshine will be today. More cloud elsewhere with a few spots of rain remaining in the south at first.

Issued: 14:06hrs Monday 24th October 2016

Simon: A glorious day in western Ireland and northwest Scotland, but rain is affecting southern England and southern Wales. A few showers further east.

Issued: 07:37hrs Monday 24th October 2016

Simon: Rain in southern England, south Wales and southern Ireland this morning, tending to become confined to the southwest this afternoon. Showers affecting eastern coasts of England and Scotland, but drier with sunny spells to the west.

Issued: 08:13hrs Sunday 23th October 2016

John: showers across the North Midlands should fade but the showers across eastern areas will continue on and off through the day. Look out for some dense fog this morning across Hampshire where visibilities are as low as 100m in places.

Issued: 09:20hrs Saturday 22th October 2016

John: occasional showers to affect eastern areas today. Central and western parts will be dry with morning fog patches in the south clearing.

Issued: 16:03hrs Friday 21th October 2016

Garry: Some heavy showers in East Anglia. Mostly cloudy across the country, but dry for most. Some clear spells tonight will allow fog and frost to form in the west & north.

Issued: 08:13hrs Friday 21th October 2016

Garry: It's a chilly start for west & central parts, and dry for many. Showers drifting onto eastern coasts again today. Some drizzly rain northern Scotland.