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Scratchbox - February 27, 2017
Issued: 13:06hrs Monday 27th February 2017

Simon: More heavy showers to come over England and Wales this afternoon. Better in Scotland where it is going to be mostly dry. Fair in Northern Ireland overall, although some showers in central and southern Ireland.

Issued: 07:41hrs Monday 27th February 2017

Simon: A chilly day with heavy showers in England and Wales. Showers in western Scotland and western Ireland. Probably fair though in much of southern and eastern Scotland and most of eastern Ireland.

Issued: 08:14hrs Sunday 26th February 2017

John: mild with rain in the north and the west spreading to all but East Anglia and the south east in the afternoon with some brighter weather here. A windy day with gales into the Irish Sea and across northern England and southern Scotland. Gusts to 65 mph to affect those exposed coasts with gusts of 50 mph inland

Issued: 15:42hrs Saturday 25th February 2017

John: a wet and windy end to the day across England and Wales with gusts over 50 mph in the north east.

Issued: 08:00hrs Saturday 25th February 2017

John: an area of heavy rain is affecting the far north of England and Scotland. Rain in the south will be patchy and light. A milder day than yesterday. Gales in the north will lessen.

Issued: 16:07hrs Friday 24th February 2017

Garry: Rain turns persistent across the north-west tonight. A south-westerly breeze will freshen.

Issued: 11:59hrs Friday 24th February 2017

Garry: Sunshine for many this afternoon. Rain moving into N Ireland & W Scotland - snow for West Highlands.

Issued: 08:27hrs Friday 24th February 2017

Garry: A cool start, but plenty of sunshine around this morning. Isolated showers.

Issued: 17:09hrs Thursday 23th February 2017

Garry: Winds easing tonight, but dropping cold. Risk of local frost and ice. A brighter day tomorrow.

Issued: 12:28hrs Thursday 23th February 2017

Garry: Wind gusts from Storm Doris include 94mph at Capel Curig, 81mph Aberdaron, 73mph Liverpool, 67mph East Mids Airport, 65mph London City Airport.

Issued: 08:17hrs Thursday 23th February 2017

Garry: Severe gales for north-central Eng & Wales. Rain sweeping south-east. Snow for Scotland.

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