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Scratchbox - June 20, 2012
Issued: 17:09hrs Wednesday 20th June 2012

Simon: Some serious rainfall totals predicted for Wales and Ireland in the coming week, the highest I have ever seen. GFS model predicting over 6-inches! See here.

Issued: 07:24hrs Wednesday 20th June 2012

Simon; Should be a fair day for most today, just a few showers in central areas this evening, but rain into SW England and Wales later.

Issued: 07:39hrs Tuesday 19th June 2012

Simon: Some pleasant spells of sunshine throughout today. There could be a few showers forming this afternoon, an odd one heavy, although generally very isolated.

Issued: 13:51hrs Monday 18th June 2012

Simon: Sailing: Watch for increased winds, risk of gales in southern Ireland on Thursday evening, the Irish Sea and far western English Channel through Friday. I'm also concerned about strong winds in far south of UK on Sunday, but more on this later.

Issued: 07:24hrs Monday 18th June 2012

John: Rain across eastern England is expected to clear by mid morning, then a day of sunshine and showers across much of Britain.

Issued: 06:48hrs Sunday 17th June 2012

John: More sunshine and less windy across England and Wales today with a few widely scattered showers. Persistent rain will affect northern Scotland while southern parts of England can expect more rain to sweep in this evening and tonight. If you're looking for some fine, summary weather, you may have to wait a long wait as there is no sign of any sustained high pressure into early July.

Issued: 17:06hrs Saturday 16th June 2012

John: Wind gusts of 40-50mph continue across much of England and Wales.

Issued: 07:30hrs Saturday 16th June 2012

John: Heavy rain will persist for much of the day across Scotland with showers for the rest of the country, heavy in the west.

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