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Scratchbox - June 14, 2012
Issued: 16:04hrs Thursday 14th June 2012

Simon: GFS model showing 6-hr totals of 20mm over eastern Ireland, central Wales and parts of southern England tonight, this area transferring northwards.

Issued: 07:12hrs Thursday 14th June 2012

Simon: Increasingly wet and windy through SW England, Wales and Ireland today. Drier to the north and east, but turning increasingly windy here, especially by this evening. Severe gales in the west tonight.

Issued: 07:27hrs Wednesday 13th June 2012

Simon: Scattered showers developing today, but dry for most of us. There could be few heavy showers across Wales, SW Scotland, Ireland, northwest and southwest England though; these tending to fade later.

Issued: 08:21hrs Tuesday 12th June 2012

John: Still some moderate to heavy bursts of rain to come across southeast England this morning but this should be fading through the day. Some heavy showers will affect western areas.

Issued: 07:36hrs Monday 11th June 2012

John: An area of heavy rain across the south is going to persist through the day showing little movement. As much as 45mm is possible across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex with heavy rain into the South Midlands, The Home Counties and parts of East Anglia as well. There is a risk of flooding in this heavy rain.

Issued: 16:13hrs Sunday 10th June 2012

Simon: Heavy showers now forming again on west Wales coast, heading for Aberystwyth. Rain, heavy at times into southern England with showers down the Pennine chain and into southern Scotland too. See Weatheronline radar here.

Issued: 10:54hrs Sunday 10th June 2012

Latest predicted total rain to 7am Tuesday morning showing 40mm+ across a swathe of southern England.

Issued: 08:39hrs Sunday 10th June 2012

Simon: Get set for some very, very wet weather across SE and S England in the next 48-hours, 80+mm of rain is possible with the risk of flooding.

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