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Scratchbox - January 24, 2018
Issued: 13:19hrs Tuesday 23th January 2018

Matt: Drier weather developing for a time this afternoon and evening but all eyes on a developing low pressure from the south-west tonight. This is set to bring heavy rain and gales to much of Ireland and Scotland into early Wednesday.

Issued: 10:24hrs Tuesday 23th January 2018

Matt: Mild, cloudy and damp weather continues across many northern and western areas with some extensive low cloud and hill fog, but with some drier weather across southern and eastern areas now morning rain has cleared here.

Issued: 07:57hrs Tuesday 23th January 2018

Simon: Plenty of cloud around today with rain, mostly in the west.A very mild day ahead.

Issued: 13:08hrs Monday 22th January 2018

Simon: Best sunshine in the east of England this afternoon. Dry but plenty of cloud further west.

Issued: 07:19hrs Monday 22th January 2018

Simon: Rain in the far south of England and the north of Scotland early this morning. Then becoming dry with some bright or sunny spells for all.

Issued: 12:42hrs Sunday 21th January 2018

Matt: Temperatures now on the rise across more western areas, recently rising to 11C widely across Ireland and SW England. In contrast temperatures still sub-zero across parts of the north and east with some snow still across N England and Scotland.

Issued: 10:48hrs Sunday 21th January 2018

Matt: Reports of some moderate and heavy snow now affecting parts of Wales, Midlands and up into N England and Scotland. Conditions will produce poor driving and travelling conditions, with some travel disruption in the coming hours.

Issued: 08:20hrs Sunday 21th January 2018

Matt: Cold start in the north, but outbreaks of rain with sleet and snow now progressing eastwards into N Ireland, Wales, Midlands and some other central areas of England. Remaining mainly dry and cold across most of Scotland in the coming hours.

Issued: 14:54hrs Saturday 20th January 2018

Matt: Patchy rain, sleet and snow now clearing southwards and the scene is set for a very cold night ahead tonight, especially rurally across Scotland and N England, potentially the coldest night of the winter so far. This ahead of rain, sleet and snow through Sunday.

Issued: 13:00hrs Saturday 20th January 2018

Matt: Rain, sleet and snow continue to move south-eastwards, slowly, across some central and southern areas of England and Wales. Fine weather persists across all of Scotland with plenty of winter sunshine.

Issued: 10:08hrs Saturday 20th January 2018

Matt: Wintry mix continues across some central areas of the British Isles with snow being reported across parts of NW England and Wales in particular. Fine weather continues across Scotland though with some sunshine here. Mild in the far SW, otherwise remaining cold for many areas.

Issued: 08:42hrs Saturday 20th January 2018

Matt: Morning to all. Very cold start locally across Scotland -8C in a few places including Loch Glascarnoch. Patchy rain, sleet and snow now moving SE across parts of England and Wales. Dry though across most of N England and Scotland, but with wintry flurries into NW England.

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