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Scratchbox - April 24, 2018
Issued: 07:11hrs Tuesday 24th April 2018

Simon: Rain spreads east through Wales and central England this morning and afternoon, with further rain in southern Ireland this morning. Heavy showers in western Scotland.

Issued: 12:04hrs Monday 23th April 2018

Simon: Most cloud and patchy rain remaining in western parts of the UK and Ireland this afternoon. Broken cloud elsewhere and bright, but damper this evening in the west.

Issued: 07:23hrs Monday 23th April 2018

Simon: early sunshine in the southeastern parts of the UK. Thicker cloud northern and west with patchy rain in Ireland and western Scotland, all heading east.

Issued: 13:57hrs Sunday 22th April 2018

Garry: Sunny and warm in the south-east. A weakening zone of showery rain is clearing east across Yorks/Lincs. A few showers in the west. Rain more persistent across Scotland.

Issued: 09:18hrs Sunday 22th April 2018

Garry: Rain in the west will advance eastwards through today. Small amounts for central and southern regions. Some sunshine. Feeling fresher for most, but still warm in the far south-east.

Issued: 15:29hrs Saturday 21th April 2018

Garry: Sunshine giving way as cloud thickens and local bursts of rain develop from the south this afternoon and evening.

Issued: 09:22hrs Saturday 21th April 2018

Garry: A sunny morning for many, some areas of cloud. Watch out for thundery bursts of rain developing for Wales and the Midlands this afternoon and running north-east this evening.

Issued: 14:16hrs Friday 20th April 2018

Matt: Fine weather continues this afternoon and evening with plenty of sunshine for many. Dry overnight for most as high pressure dominates. Chilly in the north and west, milder further south and east.

Issued: 13:29hrs Friday 20th April 2018

Matt: Max temperature so far today is 24C at London City Airport, very pleasant elsewhere in the sunshine but certainly a less humid and hot 'feel' than compared with Thu, that will, however, return during Sat.

Issued: 12:11hrs Friday 20th April 2018

Matt: Low cloud continues to clear away from NW England and much of the British Isles, with the exception of a few showers across Scotland, is dry with some prolonged spells of sunshine. Very warm in the sunshine in the SE, elsewhere not as warm as Thursday, but still warm enough!

Issued: 07:58hrs Friday 20th April 2018

Matt: Dry start across many areas this morning with sunny spells too. Some cloudy and grey weather though across parts of SW Scotland, NW England, Wales, Midlands and SW England where it is a rather cool start, mild elsewhere in the sunshine.