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Scratchbox - June 09, 2012
Issued: 07:57hrs Saturday 09th June 2012

Simon: Flooding in Wales caused by 81mm of rain which has fallen at Trawscoed (near Aberystwyth) in the last 24-hours and 67mm at Capel Curig (Snowdonia). See all rain totals here.

Issued: 07:30hrs Saturday 09th June 2012

Simon: It's a better day today, but still lots of cloud. Further showers and rain across northern England and Scotland. The best of the sunshine through more central parts of England and Wales. Winds easing too.

Issued: 08:00hrs Friday 08th June 2012

Simon: More rain today for the Edgbaston Test Match, could be some brief spells of play though, although I suspect not much. Should be better for Saturday.

Issued: 07:51hrs Friday 08th June 2012

Simon: Great satellite pictures this morning. Really shows the low over the UK very well and all the cloud associated with it. Just look at how much cloud is in the Mediterranean too!

Issued: 07:00hrs Thursday 07th June 2012

John: Heavy rain in the south west spreads up across England, Wales and Northern Ireland today as strong gales develop in the south west of England and South Wales later today with gusts to 50 mph.

Issued: 08:09hrs Wednesday 06th June 2012

John: An area of heavy rain may skirt the southern coasts this morning with another area of heavy rain to affect eastern Scotland today. Otherwise, a showery day to come, some of these heavy with the risk of thunder.

Issued: 08:12hrs Tuesday 05th June 2012

John: An area of heavy rain now into Cornwall will push into the south of England through the day with another area of heavy rain spreading into Northern Ireland and then western Scotland.

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