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Scratchbox - June 02, 2012
Issued: 08:07hrs Saturday 02th June 2012

Simon: Some brightness in west at first, but rain later. Dull Midland & eastern England this morning, then brightening up before rain arrives later. Bright spells through much of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Issued: 16:27hrs Friday 01th June 2012

Simon: I know how many jubilee plans are in place for Sunday, sorry not better news, here is the rain forecast for Sunday afternoon. The really light blue shows areas of patchy rain, but where the blue is darker is where there is likely to be more persistent rain.

Issued: 08:25hrs Friday 01th June 2012

Simon: Best sunshine in Scotland today. Cloud tending to break elsewhere over UK and Ireland, just a few showers developing.

Issued: 07:21hrs Wednesday 30th May 2012

Simon: Looks like some heavy showers forming this afternoon, mainly through central and eastern England. Some of these could be thundery at times.

Issued: 08:12hrs Tuesday 29th May 2012

John: Warm in the south, but not quite as warm as we've seen lately. Eastern areas will have some low cloud and mistiness with some good sunny spells for the rest of the country. Scattered showers will develop across northern England down through the Midlands through southeast England, a few of these heavy with the risk of thunder across southeast.

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