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Scratchbox - October 18, 2017
Issued: 22:55hrs Tuesday 17th October 2017

Simon: Latest ECMWF continues to track a deep area of low pressure across Scotland on Saturday, bringing risk of severe gales to Ireland, Wales and England.

Issued: 14:07hrs Tuesday 17th October 2017

Simon: A quieter afternoon for most.

Issued: 10:31hrs Tuesday 17th October 2017

Simon: Looks like storms may return to the UK and Ireland on Saturday. Still plenty of problems with the detail but likely to be windy for many.

Issued: 07:21hrs Tuesday 17th October 2017

Simon: Winds continue to gusts in northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland this morning, these easing into this afternoon although as late as this evening in eastern Scotland before the wind drops.

Issued: 17:25hrs Monday 16th October 2017

Garry: Top UK wind gusts so far today - Aberdaron 89mph, Valley 81mph, Mumbles 80mph.

Issued: 12:28hrs Monday 16th October 2017

Garry: Saharan dust and Iberian wildfire smoke drawn northwards due to Ophelia's winds are contributing to red sun effects today.

Issued: 09:15hrs Monday 16th October 2017

Simon: Just look at the temperatures in west Wales right now, yes that's 22C ! Feels more like summer than autumn but that's what happens ahead of such tropical storms as Ophelia.

Issued: 07:40hrs Monday 16th October 2017

Simon: 52m ph gusts now into the Isles of Scilly.

Issued: 07:24hrs Monday 16th October 2017

Simon: Ex Hurricane Ophelia heads through Ireland today and then into Scotland tonight. Severe gales and storm force winds in the west of the UK and across Ireland could bring disruption.

Issued: 15:36hrs Sunday 15th October 2017

John: 21C at Manston

Issued: 08:23hrs Sunday 15th October 2017

John: During Monday ex-hurricane Ophelia is expected to track up across western Ireland into Scotland. Strong gales develop later in the day with gusts possible to 80 mph up through the Irish Sea coasts. Some disruption is possible. These transfer north into northern England and Scotland through the night with gusts to 70 mph over the hills.

Issued: 08:18hrs Sunday 15th October 2017

John: a misty, murky start across England and Wales dense fog patches. As the winds pick up, expect this to clear to warm sunshine in the south east east.

Issued: 11:45hrs Saturday 14th October 2017

Matt: Feeling warm and humid out there, more like early September, than mid-October. Temperatures already up to 21C at Doncaster Airport as of 11:30BST.

Issued: 09:18hrs Saturday 14th October 2017

John: some rain that fizzles out across Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland. Best of the sunshine will be across eastern areas of England and Scotland. Feeling quite mild.

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