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Scratchbox - May 07, 2012
Issued: 08:06hrs Monday 07th May 2012

John: heavy rain now across southwest England and Northern Ireland and through the day, Wales and Northern Ireland are likely to see the heaviest rain was about an inch rain possible across Wales. This spreads in across northern England the Midlands tonight

Issued: 08:01hrs Sunday 06th May 2012

John: Some rain in the far south east this morning that will fade. Overall a good deal of dry weather today with some sunshine and just a few showers.

Issued: 08:06hrs Saturday 05th May 2012

John: It with a cold start to the day with temperatures at freezing or well below from the north Midlands up through Scotland. Sunnier for many areas today with a few isolated showers while the southeast will see some persistent rain

Issued: 08:12hrs Friday 04th May 2012

John: Generally a cloudy day to come. Still with some rain across parts of England and Wales, but not as heavy as we've seen recently. Gardeners watch out for frost developing tonight with widespread frosts through the weekend.

Issued: 07:00hrs Thursday 03th May 2012

John: More heavy rain fell across southern England and Wales last night and this will weaken as it moves into northern England this afternoon.

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