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Scratchbox - March 23, 2018
Issued: 15:07hrs Friday 23th March 2018

Matt: Wet weather continues to develop across the extreme south-west of the British Isles with rain across Devon and Cornwall, along the far south-west of Wales and more southern areas of Ireland. Otherwise a lot of dry weather out there across the rest of England and Wales, but with showery weather in Scotland.

Issued: 12:42hrs Friday 23th March 2018

Matt: Wet and windy conditions continue to pull away from Scotland, plenty of dry weather elsewhere with some bright or sunny spells and variable. Increasingly wet and rather windy though across far south-western areas through the afternoon.

Issued: 07:52hrs Friday 23th March 2018

Matt: A rather wet and windy start to the day across more northern areas of the British Isles, especially across Scotland and N Ireland. Drier across England and Wales as overnight rain continues to clear E Anglia.

Issued: 14:55hrs Thursday 22th March 2018

Matt: East is best, west is worst this afternoon; Plenty of sunny spells of E England and E Scotland, but wet weather dominates W Scotland and Ireland and this now slowly approaching W Wales and Cornwall in the coming hours.

Issued: 11:54hrs Thursday 22th March 2018

Matt: Mainly dry conditions prevail for most of the British Isles, with some decent spells of sunshine too across eastern areas of England and Scotland. Cloudier, windier and now wetter though across Ireland and these wet and windy conditions will move into W Scotland into the early afternoon.

Issued: 07:50hrs Thursday 22th March 2018

Matt: Morning to all. A less-cold start today than compared with of late, given more cloud overnight and generally milder weather too. Plenty of fine weather this morning with some sunny spells, especially England and Wales, increasingly cloudy, wet and windy though across W Scotland and Ireland.

Issued: 13:58hrs Wednesday 21th March 2018

Simon: Drizzle this afternoon in parts of northern England, mostly the northeast and over hills. Further rain in western and southern Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, but this should ease.

Issued: 06:45hrs Wednesday 21th March 2018

Simon: rain this morning into western Scotland, becoming heavy at times. The winds increasing here. Bit of rain for Northern Ireland too. Becoming damp across northern England this afternoon but staying dry to the south.

Issued: 16:35hrs Tuesday 20th March 2018

Simon: As skies clear tonight there is likely to be a frost forming.

Issued: 10:09hrs Tuesday 20th March 2018

Simon: Cloud in eastern England is gradually edging west, although a lovely morning Ireland and Scotland.

Issued: 15:52hrs Monday 19th March 2018

Simon: An area of increased cloud affecting eastern coasts tonight, but for most it will be clear with a severe frost.

Issued: 11:48hrs Monday 19th March 2018

Simon: A brighter afternoon for many with the best sunshine I the east. Still a keen northeast wind making it feel chillier to the east and south. Snow flurries continue on southern coasts of England.

Issued: 07:41hrs Monday 19th March 2018

Simon: Snow this mornings across the far southwest and affecting the far southern coasts of England. Drier elsewhere and a brighter day overall. Still cold for the time of year.