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Scratchbox - January 18, 2017
Issued: 13:25hrs Tuesday 17th January 2017

Simon: Chilly this afternoon in central and SE areas. Lots of cloud around too, although some sunshine in the southeast and across northeast Scotland.

Issued: 07:07hrs Tuesday 17th January 2017

Simon: A quiet day with plenty of cloud for most. Bits of drizzle on northern hills. Colder to the southeast but milder to the north and west.

Issued: 16:39hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: A touch of frost in the southeast tonight. Cloudier elsewhere with drizzle through the Midlands and northern England. Drier to the west.

Issued: 12:40hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: More drizzle and damp weather over much of England and Wales this afternoon. Mild for most, but it's still in the southeast.

Issued: 07:37hrs Monday 16th January 2017

Simon: Damp and cloudy for much of England today, drier north and west. Chilly far east but milder to the west.

Issued: 07:53hrs Sunday 15th January 2017

John: milder conditions moved into western and central parts of the country during the night as outbreaks of rain spread into most places by this morning. Still cold enough across eastern parts of England for some sleet and wet snow.

Issued: 10:37hrs Saturday 14th January 2017

John: an area of sleety rain has moved through the Cheshire Gap into the Midlands.

Issued: 08:21hrs Saturday 14th January 2017

John: a cold, frosty start to the day with some icy patches. Dry with sunny spells for many but more cloud in the west with showers. Wintry showers to affect the northern hills and later the coasts of East Anglia.

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