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Scratchbox - November 24, 2017
Issued: 14:47hrs Friday 24th November 2017

Garry: A chilly but bright end to the afternoon for central and eastern areas. Heavy showers of snow and hail in the west & north-west. Some rain fringing English Channel coasts.

Issued: 08:37hrs Friday 24th November 2017

Garry: Heavy wintry showers in the north- west of Britain & Ireland today, snow and hail, isolated thunder. Dry and bright central, southern and eastern areas.

Issued: 13:30hrs Thursday 23th November 2017

Garry: A few areas of showers around this afternoon, wintry over the hills. Plenty of dry and bright weather too, but feeling noticeably chilly compared to recent days.

Issued: 08:33hrs Thursday 23th November 2017

Garry: Bright skies and sunshine this morning for central areas following the clearance of a cold front overnight. However, clusters of heavy showers are following into the west. In Scotland, remnants of snow in the Highlands will slowly fade.

Issued: 17:10hrs Wednesday 22th November 2017

Simon: More wet weather to come through eastern Ireland, Wales and northern England tonight. Another area of rain reaching Northern Ireland and turning to snow as it moves into central Scotland.

Issued: 11:25hrs Wednesday 22th November 2017

Simon: It's still raining heavily over southern Scotland and northern England as well as Wales and Northern Ireland. It is probably going to be staying wet for many of these areas this afternoon, although drier weather should follow from the west.

Issued: 07:16hrs Wednesday 22th November 2017

Simon: Heavy rain this morning across Ireland, northwest England, southwest Scotland and western Wales with little change expected this afternoon.

Issued: 08:29hrs Tuesday 21th November 2017

Garry: Another mild day, and largely dry Midlands, south & east. Rain in the north & west, most prolonged across Scotland.

Issued: 13:14hrs Monday 20th November 2017

Simon: Staying cloudy for most this afternoon with some more spots of rain. Mild to the south, colder to the north.

Issued: 07:47hrs Monday 20th November 2017

Simon: Plenty of cloud today with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.

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