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Scratchbox - April 05, 2012
Issued: 08:09hrs Thursday 05th April 2012

Simon: Rain fades from southern England this morning. Good spells of sunshine across much of England & Wales but some cloud and rain the north of Scotland.

Issued: 08:18hrs Wednesday 04th April 2012

Simon: A cold and wet day in the southern half of the UK, cold with snow mainly on hills although some at low levels too. Drier in the north with some sunny spells.

Issued: 09:12hrs Tuesday 03th April 2012

Simon: Winter returns today, snow and strong winds N England & Scotland, outbreaks of rain to the south...woolies at the ready!

Issued: 09:06hrs Monday 02th April 2012

John: Cold air turns rain to heavy snow across Scotland later today. This runs down across northern England on Tuesday with a mix of rain, sleet and snow spreading south east later in the day. Still a mild day in the south today

Issued: 08:09hrs Sunday 01th April 2012

John: After a cold, frosty start, it should be fine, dry day across much of England and Wales with lots of sunshine. Expect some showers across Scotland. It still looks much colder through Tuesday and Wednesday with outbreaks of rain and snow. Look out for some sharp frosts this week gardeners.

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