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Scratchbox - June 25, 2018
Issued: 07:06hrs Monday 25th June 2018

Simon: A hot day for some today with temperatures touching 29C on the forecast map. Cooler on the coasts thanks to the sea breeze.

Issued: 19:47hrs Sunday 24th June 2018

Simon: Continuing clear overnight, dry too.

Issued: 16:00hrs Sunday 24th June 2018

Matt: Prolonged sunshine for many, warm or very warm end to the day and a clear evening ahead. Temperatures fall low enough for a cool night, especially in the countryside, but milder, if not warmer, in urban areas.

Issued: 12:55hrs Sunday 24th June 2018

Matt: Prolonged sunshine now present for many areas of the UK and this is leading to a glorious afternoon for many and with warm temperatures too.

Issued: 10:13hrs Sunday 24th June 2018

Matt: Fine weather continues with plenty of sunshine for much of the UK and temperatures are rising nicely now in association with the sunshine.

Issued: 07:40hrs Sunday 24th June 2018

Matt: Dry start across all areas and with plenty of sunshine around too, especially across England, Wales and Ireland. Temperatures set to rise today, so soon becoming warm or very warm across all inland areas through the morning.

Issued: 12:22hrs Saturday 23th June 2018

Matt: Fine weather continues across many areas, but there is some patchy rain and drizzle across the far north and north-east. Best of the sunshine through the afternoon across the south and west. Temperatures low 20's in the south, elsewhere 15C to 20C.

Issued: 08:12hrs Saturday 23th June 2018

Matt: A cool and fresh start to the weekend for many areas, more cloud around too across northern areas than Friday and that trend will continue through most of today. Best of the sunshine this morning in the far south and west.

Issued: 16:11hrs Friday 22th June 2018

Matt: A very pleasant end to the day across many areas with evening sunshine giving way to a dry night with clear spells, prolonged across England and Wales. Another chilly night across the north for the time of year, milder further south. Some damp weather will develop across the far north later in the night.

Issued: 12:00hrs Friday 22th June 2018

Matt: The sun keeps on shining for much of England, Wales and Ireland, but still cloudier across Scotland with some patchy light rain or drizzle across the northern isles. Pleasantly warm out there, but still with a fresh-feel given low humidity.

Issued: 08:10hrs Friday 22th June 2018

Matt: Morning it's a fine start across many areas with prolonged spells of sunshine too, particularly across England, Wales, Ireland and into southern Scotland. It has been a particularly chilly night mind, temperatures fell to 0C in Cairngorms and Sennybridge, in Wales.

Issued: 18:29hrs Thursday 21th June 2018

Simon: Winds easing further tonight. Get set for a cold one as the skies clear. But also look for the jewels in the evening sky, Venus in the NW and Jupiter in the SW.

Issued: 13:38hrs Thursday 21th June 2018

Simon: Winds easing this afternoon. Staying sunny for most, just bits of cloud in the east.

Issued: 07:31hrs Thursday 21th June 2018

Simon: Cool today but then temperatures are on the rise with a heatwave on it's way next week!