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Scratchbox - March 30, 2017
Issued: 15:33hrs Thursday 30th March 2017

Garry: Persistent rain in west Wales & north-west England this afternoon, but it's dry, sunny and warm in central & south- eastern areas.

Issued: 12:19hrs Thursday 30th March 2017

Simon: Getting very warm this afternoon in any sunshine in eastern England, always cloudier and more drizzly to the west but mild for all.

Issued: 07:53hrs Thursday 30th March 2017

Simon: Rain in the west of the UK again today with some outbreaks of rain in northern Scotland too. Drier east and south and becoming very warm here this afternoon.

Issued: 16:39hrs Wednesday 29th March 2017

Simon: More bursts of rain overnight especially in western areas. Drier overall to the east and mild for all.

Issued: 07:24hrs Wednesday 29th March 2017

Simon: Cloudy and murky in the west of the UK and the whole of Ireland today. Outbreaks of rain here too, some heavy later over the hills of southwest Scotland. Drier and milder to the east.

Issued: 19:42hrs Tuesday 28th March 2017

Simon: Plenty of cloud for all tonight with some spots of drizzle in places, mostly in the west. Mild for all.

Issued: 13:40hrs Tuesday 28th March 2017

Simon: Showery rain continues in the west of the UK and Ireland this afternoon, drier in the east.

Issued: 08:00hrs Tuesday 28th March 2017

Simon: Outbreaks of rain in the west of the UK and in Ireland today. Drier to the east but still cloudy. Mild for all.

Issued: 14:46hrs Monday 27th March 2017

Simon.: Contrasting sunshine fortunes continue this evening. It's cloudy for parts of the Midlands and eastern England, but gloriously sunny elsewhere.

Issued: 07:41hrs Monday 27th March 2017

Simon: Cloudier skies in some parts of central and eastern England today, but it's another fine day in the north west and south.

Issued: 07:53hrs Sunday 26th March 2017

John: frosty across Scotland this morning. Expect a dry, sunny day for Britain. Mild too but feeling cooler in an increasing easterly wind.

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