UK Forecast - March 02, 2015
Cold & showery
Most in west

A trough clearing from eastern areas of England on Tuesday, taking sleet and some snow with it. Showers affecting many western areas, with low pressure west of Scotland bringing more persistent snow showers across western Scotland and Northern Ireland. This afternoon stays cold for most with the westerly flow continuing. There will be good spells of sunshine to the east, still wintry showers in the west. As low pressure passes north of Scotland so the more persistent rain, sleet and snow will be continuing here. Highs near 5 to 9C.

Tuesday Night
As a ridge of high pressure builds across the country tonight, any remaining showers will be fading and all parts then becoming dry. There will be clear skies and these will be allowing temperatures to fall quickly. A touch of frost for most by Wednesday morning, and watch out for ice. Lows of -2 to 2C.

Low pressure in the North Sea on Wednesday. An unstable northwesterly flow will be blowing showers through all parts of the country. The showers could be turning wintry on the hills at times. As the day progresses a ridge of high pressure will be building from the west. This will be killing off the showers and allowing more sunshine to come through. Highs around 6 to 10C.

An area of high pressure is going to be to the south of the UK on Thursday. There will be fronts to the west of Scotland and Ireland, and these will be bringing rain here. Fairly windy in Scotland and Northern Ireland too. Plenty of cloud in England and Wales with some drizzle on western and southern coasts. However, the cloud should be breaking in places in the afternoon with eastern and southern areas most favoured for this. Highs at 12C where the sun comes through, nearer 9 or 10C for most.

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