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Nabha Weather

  We Jun 20 Th Jun 21 Fr Jun 22 Sa Jun 23
27°C 28°C 29°C 29°C
39°C 42°C 42°C 42°C
few clouds  various clouds , showers various clouds , rain various clouds , showers
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
few clouds  few clouds  few clouds  few clouds
Last updated: We, 20 Jun, 11:33 BST
Forecast Mandi Gobindgarh Forecast Sirhind-Fategarh Forecast Cheeka Forecast Kaithal Forecast Sangrur district Forecast Malerkotla Forecast Patiala Forecast Sangrur Forecast Ludhiana Forecast Ahmedgarh Forecast Sunam Forecast Rupnagar Forecast Pehowa Forecast Rajpura Forecast Longowal Forecast Kharar Forecast Mohali Forecast Raikot Forecast Budhlada Forecast Barnala Forecast Baddi Forecast Zirakpur Forecast Zirakpur Forecast Karoran Forecast Chandigarh Forecast Thanesar Forecast Jagraon Forecast Babiyal Forecast Pinjore Forecast Taraori
Nearby Forecast Locations - Nabha - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Nabha Distance
Mandi Gobindgarh 4.0 km
Sirhind-Fategarh 6.4 km
Cheeka 41.1 km
Kaithal 68.2 km
Sangrur district 27.2 km
Malerkotla 31.9 km
Patiala 30.6 km
Sangrur 36.1 km
Ludhiana 60.2 km
Ahmedgarh 47.6 km
Sunam 43.7 km
Rupnagar 73.8 km
Pehowa 59.9 km
Rajpura 43.1 km
Longowal 49.4 km
Kharar 63.0 km
Mohali 67.8 km
Raikot 61.9 km
Budhlada 75.3 km
Barnala 57.6 km
Baddi 86.4 km
Zirakpur 70.5 km
Zirakpur 70.5 km
Karoran 80.1 km
Chandigarh 67.2 km
Thanesar 80.5 km
Jagraon 79.2 km
Babiyal 68.9 km
Pinjore 86.9 km

Forecast: Nabha Region

The sun is shining and the sky is blue An umbrella won't be needed today. It's getting colder: From 42 degrees on Friday the daily highs drop to 4 degrees on Saturday.