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  Sa Mar 24 Su Mar 25 Mo Mar 26 Tu Mar 27
6°C 5°C 10°C 6°C
13°C 15°C 17°C 16°C
overcast , light rain various clouds , light rain cloudy , isolated showers few clouds
various clouds  various clouds , light rain various clouds , isolated showers mostly sunny
various clouds , light rain cloudy , light rain various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , light rain
cloudy , light rain cloudy , light rain few clouds  various clouds , light rain
Last updated: Fr, 23 Mar, 22:47 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Seta - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Seta Distance
Aliveri 18.0 km
Kymi 19.5 km
Kalamos 28.4 km
Nea Artaki 25.0 km
Chalcis 29.1 km
Zarakes 36.3 km
Marathon 42.8 km
Drosia 48.6 km
Nea Erythraia 49.0 km
Tatoi Palace 49.6 km
Tanagra 41.2 km
Kifissia 52.7 km
Nea Styra 47.7 km
Nea Penteli 54.1 km
Acharnae 52.6 km
Ekali 54.5 km
Irakleio 55.4 km
Marousi 56.9 km
Nea Ionia 57.5 km
Nea Filadelfeia 57.9 km
Rafina 59.8 km
Psychiko 59.0 km
Mandoudhion 48.0 km
Agia Paraskevi 60.0 km
Chalandri 60.5 km
Neo Psychiko 60.8 km
Agioi Anargyroi 60.1 km
Galatsi 61.1 km
Ilion 60.6 km

Forecast: Seta Region

Only Sunday blemishes the predominantly fine weather. But Sunday some rain is to be expected. From 13 degrees on Sunday the daily high will go down to 0 degrees on Monday.



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