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Preitenegg Weather

  Su Mar 18 Mo Mar 19 Tu Mar 20 We Mar 21
-2°C -7°C -7°C -9°C
-1°C -2°C 0°C -2°C
cloudy , isolated snow showers overcast , light snow overcast  various clouds
various clouds  overcast  cloudy  various clouds
cloudy  overcast  various clouds  various clouds
overcast , light snow overcast , light snow various clouds  various clouds
Last updated: Su, 18 Mar, 13:47 GMT
Forecast Wolfsberg Forecast Sankt Andrä Forecast Köflach Forecast Voitsberg Forecast Knittelfeld Forecast Zeltweg Forecast Judenburg Forecast Deutschlandsberg Forecast Deutschlandsberg Forecast Prevalje Forecast Völkermarkt Forecast Feistritz ob Bleiburg Forecast Mežica Forecast Leoben Forecast Radlje ob Dravi Forecast Slovenj Gradec Forecast Kalwang Forecast Neumarkt Forecast Graz Forecast Eisenkappel-Vellach Forecast Neumarkter Sattel Forecast Bruck an der Mur Forecast Velenje Forecast Sankt Veit an der Glan Forecast Lukovica Forecast Lovrenc na Pohorju Forecast Schöckl Forecast Sankt Radegund bei Graz Forecast Vrhnika Forecast Klagenfurt Forecast Leibnitz Forecast Leibnitz Forecast Klagenfurt Airport Forecast Laßnitzhöhe Forecast Selnica ob Dravi Forecast Zreče Forecast Slovenske Konjice Forecast Stolzalpe Forecast Weitensfeld Forecast Oplotnica Forecast Kungota Forecast Weiz Forecast Murau Forecast Pörtschach Forecast Tržič Forecast Maribor
Nearby Forecast Locations - Preitenegg - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Preitenegg Distance
Wolfsberg 12.2 km
Sankt Andrä 19.6 km
Köflach 19.5 km
Voitsberg 20.9 km
Knittelfeld 30.6 km
Zeltweg 31.1 km
Judenburg 32.3 km
Deutschlandsberg 26.2 km
Deutschlandsberg 26.3 km
Prevalje 44.5 km
Völkermarkt 38.2 km
Feistritz ob Bleiburg 44.2 km
Mežica 46.7 km
Leoben 46.3 km
Radlje ob Dravi 43.6 km
Slovenj Gradec 52.0 km
Kalwang 55.0 km
Neumarkt 39.6 km
Graz 39.9 km
Eisenkappel-Vellach 55.6 km
Neumarkter Sattel 44.2 km
Bruck an der Mur 57.2 km
Velenje 64.6 km
Sankt Veit an der Glan 47.0 km
Lukovica 66.4 km
Lovrenc na Pohorju 57.0 km
Schöckl 51.2 km
Sankt Radegund bei Graz 51.2 km
Vrhnika 48.2 km

Forecast: Preitenegg Region

While the weather onMonday and Wednesday is clear on Tuesday it will be overcast. A raincoat is needless this day. The temperature rises from -2 degrees on Tuesday to 9 degrees on Wednesday.



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